Craig Stone

Craig Stone, M.A. Clinical Psychology

Sports & Mental Health Counselor

901 Boren Ave.
Suite 1300
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-321-8207

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Primary Focus: Specialty Issues

Scope of Practice

My practice concentrates exclusively on helping athletes maximize their potential. This involves a combination of sports psychology techniques and mental training that builds the road to optimal performance. I also counsel athletes that are recovering from injury or confronting situations that negatively impact training and competition.

Range of Focus

  • Sports Counseling
  • Sports Psychology

Values and Philosophy

I value the privilege of helping athletes be at their best. My philosophy centers upon establishing a strong connection and a collaborative relationship to facilitate improvement. Regardless of the particular sports psychology or counseling objective, I seek to build upon internal resources unique to each athlete that will enhance their performance.

Therapeutic Technique and Methodology

The methods I use are strategic in terms of engaging a multitude of sports performance objectives. Specifically, I employ sport psychology techniques such as goal setting, performance-excitement regulation, visualization, and imagery to equip clients with new tools and techniques. This is a three-step process of Discovering, Adapting, and Implementing (DAI). The sports counseling aspect of my practice engages numerous circumstances that hamper an athlete's ability to compete. Injury alone can have emotional and psychological consequences. Furthermore, numerous circumstances (in or out of competition) can significantly impair performance. As a sports counselor, I initially approach therapy with the intent of creating a space for athletes to safely process their experience. In turn, one-to-one counseling integrates an action-plan with identifiable and attainable goals for a successful recovery and comeback.

Education, Certification and Professional Associations

Degrees and Certifications

M.A. Clinical Psychology, 2010
Washington School of Psychology
Seattle, WA

M.Div., 2000
Fuller Theological Seminary
Pasadena, CA


  • Association of Applied Sport Psychology

Licenses to Practice and Registrations


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
License number: MC 60255620

Payment Information and Hours

Sports Psychology & Counseling: $200.00 per Session

Team-Sport Consulting: $150 per Hour or Negotiated Season Contract

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